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Before Drilling


What You Need to Know Before Drilling

We provided this page to help educate you on what you should know if you are in need of a water well driller.

Every well is NOT created equal. It is the same principal as finding someone to build you a house. If you go with the cheapest estimate, you will get what you pay for, problems! We cannot stress that enough, no matter who you have drill your well. We have helped countless customers who have had their well drilled and paid for but end up with no water and can't get a hold of their well driller. This is why a reputable driller will provide great service and maintain an office to answer questions or concerns. Having an office with emergency service should be first on your list when qualifying a well driller. The last thing a homeowner wants is to build their dream house, landscape, do cement/blacktop work and have to rip it out and do it all over because their well driller botched the job. Well drilling is a process you like to do once. A well is something that will last generations given the proper conditions. Yes, you may change out pumps, motors, tanks and other parts but the water bearing well will last lifetimes.

Next on your list should be an informative company. You should not feel helpless and vulnerable when getting well drilled. It is an unfamiliar process to most and your driller should help you understand what is taking place.

Emergency Services

Wells and water don't pay attention to clocks and calendars. So if a well drilling company doesn't offer emergency services, then don't be surprised if you have to go a long time before you get help. Nobody wants to rip up their beautiful, expensive landscaping or backyard for a botched well.
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Lasting for Generations

Your well should last for generations with proper care, which includes occasional repairs and replacements to pumps, motors, tanks, and other parts. Make sure you choose a company that you feel comfortable with and helps you understand the process from start to finish.
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Emergency Services

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